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Transport to get to Divanga in Taganga

Taganga is situated on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.
It is a fishing village but also a neighborhood of the city of Santa Marta that lies at 5 km on the other side of the hills.

You can reach Taganga in 15 minutes from downton Santa Marta by public transportation.

Casa Divanga is located at the heart of the community, at only 2 minutes walk from the beach on a main road.The public mini bus drops you off you just in front of the hostel. To reach Divanga B&B walk one block uphill from Casa Divanga. 

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  • From all major cities of Colombia. Buses offer excellent quality, are generally on time and are now the most common way of traveling in Colombia.

    Remember to cover yourself well air conditioning is often very high.
    When you reach Santa Marta terminal take a cab to Taganga, they know Divanga B&B and Casa Divanga.Price and duration of the drive: 12.000 pesos and 15 minutes

    Price by taxi: $ 15,000 pesos and will reach Taganga in 15 minutes
  • To Santa Marta airport arrive national flights from 
    Bogota, Cali or Medellin.
    The traffic has increased over the time and the prices allow traveling by this mode of transport.
    Tell us about your trip with all the datas and we can send a taxi to pick you up.

    Price and duration of the drive: 40.000 pesos and 40 minutes ride
    Barranquilla International Airport is located, at 2 hours from Santa Marta

  • There are shuttles with air-conditioning that can be booked at most hostels in Cartagena. 

    Ask for the excellent company called Marsol that manages it.
    Also if you go to Cartagena from Taganga, DIVAEXPE our tourism information office located in Casa Divanga can book you tickets.

    The shuttle leaves you at the Clock Tower, one of the entrance of the old city.
    Price: 45,000 pesos The trip takes about 4 hours and a half
    marsol bus
Divanga B&B Calle 12 # 4-07 - Republika Divanga Calle 11 # 3-05
Tels: 57-5-421-90-92 - 57-5-421-92-17
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Taganga - Santa Marta - Colombia