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Divanga Bar Restaurant in Taganga


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The Bar Restaurant is located in the Divanga Bed & Breakfast Hostel. It has been open since 2007 and offers dishes made from fresh, local products and with an added touch of French flavor. Lucie, the owner of Divanga, tries to offer guests the equivalence and satisfaction of a "meal served on a Sunday in a French home."

Among the restaurant's meat and fish specialties, it offers delicious dishes such as the chicken curry in coconut milk (20,000 Colombian pesos), the steak in pepper sauce (24,000 pesos), the baked fish fillet (20,000 pesos), or a mix of seafood in coconut milk (20,000 pesos). At lunch time, the Republika Taganguera offers lighter foods like salads and delicious vegetarian dishes. Also served are the bruschetta, the "Caprichosa" with bread, mozzarella, tomato, ham and mushrooms (from 8,000 to 15,000 pesos) and many types of pasta, as well as fast food (sandwiches, burgers or fries). Highlighted, among the dessert choices, is the brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (6,000 pesos).

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And as for our creative and innovative cocktails, what better than to enjoy one of them while taking in the magnificent views of Taganga's bay. The restaurant's bar is open daily from 12 noon until 10 pm. This is an outdoor space that offers exquisite panoramic views of the town and where you perceive the gentle sea breeze. Away from the hustle and bustle, it is a good place to rest and prepare for the evening. The secret art of the bartender is his ability to play with local fruit such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit or mulberry, and mix them with liquor to achieve excellent fusions of textures, smells and tastes. In this line, we find tempting cocktails like the "Baja Tanga", made from citrus that give flavor (pineapple and passion fruit), and vodka and tequila, which give depth…, the "Kharma", prepared with pineapple, strawberry, vodka, gin and triple sec, or the "Coco Gin", coconut lemonade with gin. Cocktail prices range from 10,000 to 13,000 pesos, with the exception of the "Divanga", which contains a mixture of 5 white spirits, plus citrus, and is priced at 17000 pesos. The bar is an experience that cocktail lovers should not miss.

Divanga B&B Calle 12 # 4-07 - Republika Divanga Calle 11 # 3-05
Tels: 57-5-421-90-92 - 57-5-421-92-17
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Taganga - Santa Marta - Colombia